Hi to all, I am Luiso and I love to wander from place to place to gather information, learn new things and also share with others. It’s kind of a Finlandhobby to meet peoples of different religions, to know about their culture, their beliefs and rituals. That’s why I create this website in order to share my views and experiences and also learn from your experiences.

Recently, I travel to Finland and believe me this is one of the most exciting and exotic place. First of all, the historical monuments this reveals the European art and culture, then the Churches, for example. Cathedral of Helsinki which is a symbol of Helsinki due to its beautiful architecture, the Tallinn city which is also known as medieval city and ranked as top 10 digital city in the world and last but not the least Suomenlinna which is largest maritime sea fortress in the world. I knew that some parts of this country such as The Old Town of Tallinn and others are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites list and after visiting there I know why.

Mostly people love to go Sauna, that small pine-clad place where people shed their clothes as well as cares, steam up and allow sweat to detoxify(cleanse) their tiny holes i.e. pores. There’s absolutely no better place in the world to experience sauna than in Finland, the country that created it. For Finns some sort of sauna is not a luxury but a vital daily experience and integral part of their traditions. Traditionally, the sauna has become a place to cure problems, talk business and in many cases give birth too. I love to take saunas, not only for luxury but I actually believe saunas are really helpful for refreshing mind and also removes physical and mental stress. I tried saunas before in other countries, but no one match with Finland saunas.

Finland’s best known sauna is Savusauna (smoke sauna), is said to be the world largest sauna and costly too which situated in the heart of Finland’s Lakes district. This seems to pretty cozy when filled with more than 65 people. A log cabin, blackened walls and smoky loyly (steam) give it a genuine or we can say an authentic feel. If you are looking for a beach side sauna experience then I suggest you Rauhaniemi Kansankylpyla, a classic public sauna which situated on the shores of Tampere’s lake. If you ever get a chance to join a Finn in their sauna then never missed that chance it’s an honour for you.